- A -

About Boxer command


accented characters

access date

active clipboard

active spell checking

Add All

add buttons to toolbar

add Ctrl-Z character at end-of-file

add edited files to 'Documents' on Start Menu

add newly named files to a restored session

Add One

adding a column of numbers

adding quote markers to text

adding to a value at the cursor

additional tab character

Align Center command

Align Left command

Align Right command

Align Smooth command

allow undo after File Save


American Express orders


ANSI Chart command

ANSI to OEM command

Append command

appending text to the clipboard


Arrange Icons command


ASCII chart


ASCII value

assigning templates


Auto-Complete command

Auto-Complete dictionary

Auto-Complete List command

auto-complete settings

Auto-Complete - Settings
Auto-Complete - Popup List
Auto-Complete - User-Defined
Auto-Complete - Harvested
Auto-Complete - Dictionary
Auto-Complete - Excluded



auto-maximize new windows when created

Auto-Number command

autosave feature


averaging a column of numbers

- B -


Backtab command

backup file extension

backup file location

bank transfer

Belgian agent

bell sound

binary file viewer

binary files warning

binary mode view

bitmap files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

blank lines

block save

block text selection

bmp files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

book title case

bookmark display

Bookmark Manager command


Toggle Bookmark
Next Bookmark
Previous Bookmark
Bookmark Manager

Bottom of Page command

box drawing

Boxer Macro Language

Boxer Shorts command

Boxer Software

Boxer Software Order Form

Boxer Software Website command

brace matching


Bring User Lists to Top

browser extensions

browser viewing

button bar

buying Boxer

- C -

Calculator command

Calendar command

Calendar week start day



capitalizing selected text

capitalizing selected words

capitalizing sentences

Cascade command

Cascade Horizontal

Cascade Vertical

case flip

centering text

changing to a new PC

character set conversion

Convert Other -> OEM to ANSI
Convert Other -> ANSI to OEM

character value

charge card orders

Check for Latest Version

check spelling

Check Word

checking spelling

clear all bookmarks

Clear All Clipboards command

Clear Clipboard command

Clear Recent Files List

Clear Recent Projects List

Clear Undo command


Set Clipboard -> Previous
Set Clipboard -> Next


cloning a line

Close All But Active command

Close All command

Close All
Close All

Close command

Close Project

closing a file

closing all files

closing the program

code browsing

color chart

color syntax highlighting

color syntax print preview

color syntax printing

Print All

color tips


column number display

column ruler

column selections

command assignments

Command Line Options

Command Multiplier command

Comment command

commenting a line

common questions

company information

comparing files

Find Differing Lines
Synchronized Scroll

Configure | Syntax Highlighting

Configure Auto-Complete command

Auto-Complete - Settings
Auto-Complete - Popup List
Auto-Complete - User-Defined
Auto-Complete - Harvested
Auto-Complete - Dictionary
Auto-Complete - Excluded

Configure Colors command

Configure Ctags Function Index command

Configure Keyboard command

Configure Preferences - Tabs

Configure Templates command

Configure Toolbar

Contact Information command


Context Menu

Convert Case - Invert command

Convert Case - Lower command

Convert Case - Sentences command

Convert Case - Title

Convert Case - Upper command

Convert Case - Words command

converting spaces to tabs

converting tabs to spaces

Copy command

Copy Filename


copying a line

copying text to the clipboard


Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

correcting a mistake

counting characters

counting lines

counting occurrences

counting words

CR line ender

CR+LF line ender

creating a new file

creating backups

creating templates

creation date

credit card orders


CSV files

Shaded Tab Zones
Tab Display Size


current clipboard

current version

cursor flashing

Cursor Movement Commands

cursor shape

cursor size

cursor travel

Cut Append command

Cut command

cutting text to the clipboard

- D -

date and time

Insert -> Short Date
Insert -> Long Date
Insert -> Short Time
Insert -> Long Time

date and time display

Decrement command

default edit mode

Default Key Assignments

Default Key Assignments (command order)
Default Key Assignments (key order)

default printer

default word wrap mode

defining bookmarks

defining templates

Delete Blank Lines command

delete bookmark

Delete Bookmarked Lines command

delete clipbaord

Delete command

Delete Current Line command

Delete Duplicate Lines command

delete line enders

Delete Lines That Begin With command

Delete Lines That Contain command

Delete Lines That Do Not Begin With

Delete Lines That Do Not Contain command

Delete Lines That Do Not End With command

Delete Lines That End With command

delete newlines

Delete Next Word command

Delete Previous Word command

Delete Project

Delete to End of Line command

Delete to Start of Line command

deleting a character

deleting clipboards

deleting newlines

deleting selected text


differing lines


disallow reads by other programs

disallow writes by other programs

Discover orders

Discussion List

display auto-complete word list

display bookmarked lines

distinct lines

Divide command

DOS prompt

double space

double spacing

Down command

dragging files onto Boxer

drawing lines

dropping files onto Boxer

Dropping Image Files

Duplicate and Increment command

duplicate key assignments

Duplicate Line command

duplicate lines

Delete -> Duplicate Lines
Find Duplicate Lines

Dutch agent

- E -



Edit Active Project

Edit Clipboard command

edit mode display

Edit Other Project

eject page

ellipses and Reformat

email address

email address highlighting

email addresses

Email Boxer Software command

email orders

email support

em-dashes and Reformat

empty file

empty lines

End of File command

End of Line command

end-end-end operation

ending the edit session


EOF character

erase clipbaord

erasing clipboards

Error Chart command

error sounds


European agent

example macros

Excellentia in Verbis Edendis

Exit command

extended characters

external tools

- F -


Fast Frame command

fax number

fax orders

fax support

File Associations

file attributes

file backups

File Close command

file filters for File Open

File Insert command

file locking

File New command

File Open file filters

File Open preferred extensions

file printing

Print All

File Properties command

file tabs

filename completion

filename copy

filename insertion

Fill with String command

Find a Disk File command

Find and Count command

find and replace

Find command

Find Differing Line command

Find Differing Lines ignore spaces

Find Distinct Lines

Find Duplicate Lines command

Find Fast command

Find Mate command

Find Mate mating pairs

Find Next command

Find Previous command

Find Text in Disk Files command

Find Unique Lines command

finding the word at the cursor

fixed width data files

fixed width tabs

Preferences -Tabs
Tab Display Size


flashing cursor

Flip Case

flipping case

font for printing

force auto-complete word list

format strings

formfeed insertion

frame drawing

framing a rectangle

frequently asked questions

FTP Open

FTP Save As

function index

function prototype

function reference

- G -

German agent

gif files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

giving a file a name


Go to Byte Offset command

Go to Column command

Go to Line command

graphic character drawing


group license

- H -

hard tabs

harvested words

header file, opening

headers and footers

Help command

Help On command

hex dump

hex mode view

hex mode viewer

hidden characters

hide codes

hiding the mouse cursor while typing

high ASCII characters

highlight email addresses

highlight URLs

highlighting a language


Holland agent

home page

home-home-home operation

horizontal scroll bar

horizontal window split


how to contact Boxer Software


HTML Color Chart

HTML Color Popup Hints

HTML files

HTML image tags

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

HTML tag removal

hyphens and Reformat

- I -

icons in menus

ignore spaces in Find Differing Lines

image files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

img tags

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

importing a file

include file, opening

Increment command

Indent one Space command

Indent one Tabstop command

Indent with String


Indent one Space
Indent one Tabstop

ini settings

Insert Character command

Insert command

Insert Filename

Insert Formfeed command

Insert HTML Image Tag command

Insert Line Above command

Insert Line Below command

Insert Long Date command

Insert Long Time command

insert mode

Insert Short Date command

Insert Short Time command

Insert Symbols

Insert Tab command

inserting a file

Inserting Special Characters

inserting text from the clipboard

Installing or Reinstalling Boxer

Intellimouse Support

Intellimouse support on/off


International Agents


FTP Open
FTP Save As

Internet addresses

Internet site


invert case

Invert command

Invert Lines command

invisible characters

- J -


joining lines

jpeg files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

jpg files

Insert -> HTML Image Tag
Dropping Image Files onto Boxer

jumping among bookmarks

Next Bookmark
Previous Bookmark
Bookmark Manager

Justification Style command

justification width

justify center

justify left

justify right

justify smooth

justifying text

- K -

key playback

Playback Keys

keyboard configuration

keyboard layouts

keystroke macro

keystroke recording

- L -

landscape mode

language highlighting

language reference

latest version

Latin slogan

leading zeros on line numbers

learn command

learn mode

Left command

left justifying text

Left Window Edge command


Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

LF line ender

License Agreement

Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

Licensed User Benefits

licensing Boxer

Order Boxer
Multi-User Licenses


line deletion

Line Drawing command

line ender style

line enders, visible

line number display

line numbers

line swapping



Load Key Recording

loading a file

Open Other -> Filename at Cursor

locating a file

locating text

long date insertion

long name

long time insertion

low ASCII characters

lower case

- M -

Macintosh line enders

macro by example

Macro Examples

Macro Function Reference

macro language

Macro Language Reference

macro on-the-fly


mail support

mailing address

mailto extensions

main menu

Make Line Bottom command

Make Line Top command

making backups

marking text

Select Stream
Select Columnar

MasterCard orders

matching expression

mating pairs for Find Mate

mating parentheses

Maximize All command

maximizing new windows


menu icons

Preferences - Display
Main Menu

migrating preferences

Minimize All command

minimize Boxer when closing last file

misspelled words

modify date

monochrome syntax print preview

monochrome syntax printing

Print All


moving to another PC

Multiply command

multiplying a command

Multi-User License Information

- N -


Netherlands agent

New command

New Features

New Project

newest version

newlines, visible

Next Bookmark command

next window

NULL Characters

number of recent files on File menu

numbering selected lines

- O -

OEM Chart command

OEM to ANSI command

online support

on-screen line numbers

on-the-fly macro

open auto-complete word list

Open command

Open Email at Cursor command

Open File in Browser command

Open File in Browser extensions

Open Filename at Cursor command

Open Header File command

Open Header File extensions

Open Hex Mode command

Open Program at Cursor command

Open Project

Open System Files command

Open URL at Cursor command

opening a file

Open Other -> Filename at Cursor

opening Boxer by clicking on a file's icon

opening recent files

opening recent projects

option flags


Ordering Boxer

Order Boxer
Multi-User Licenses

ordering lines by length

ordering lines randomly

Overseas Agents

- P -

page breaks

Page Down command

Page Left command

Page Right command

Page Setup command

Page Up command

paper size

paragraph reformatting

paragraph width

parenthetical mate

Paste As

Paste Clipboard

Paste command

paste filename

pasting text from the clipboard

Preferences - Editing

pattern matching

Pause Recording

paying for Boxer


PC line enders


Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions

personal settings

phone number

phone orders

phone support

Playback Keys

popup Auto-Complete word list

pop-up calculator

pop-up calendar

portrait mode

Power Columns

Power Copy

FTP Open
FTP Save As


Preferences - Backup options

Preferences - Cursor Shape options

Preferences - Cursor Travel options

Preferences - Display options

Preferences - Editing options

Preferences - File I/O options

Preferences - Message options

Preferences - Other options

preferred extensions for File Open

prepend string

preserve current directory within dialogs

previewing before printing

Previous Bookmark command

previous window

Print All

Print command

Print Preview command

Print Setup command

printed page line numbering

printed page line wrapping

printed page margins

printer colors

Printer Font command

printer properties


printf and sprintf Formatting

printing in color

Print All

procedure index

product support

Program at Cursor command

project close

project delete

project edit active

project new

project open

project remove

prompted slide in

proper case

properties of a file


Purchase Orders

purchasing Boxer

- Q -


Quote and Reformat command

quoting options

quoting string

quoting text

- R -

ragged center

Justification Style
Align Center

ragged left

Justification Style
Align Right

ragged right

Justification Style
Align Left

range expressions


read-only hex mode

read-only mode

real tabs

recent files list

Recent Projects

Recent Projects
Preferences - Display


reconfigure toolbar

reconfiguring the keyboard

Record Keys

rectangular text selection

Redo All command

Redo command

reference lists

Reformat command


registering Boxer


registry settings

Regular Expressions

Reload command

Remove Project

removing a comment

removing Boxer

removing indent

removing newlines

removing tabs

removing trailing spaces

renaming a file

Repeat Last Command command

repeating a command

Replace Again command

replace carriage returns

Replace command

Replace Line Enders

replace newlines

report failed searches with pop-up message

reset Undo

Restore All command

restore previous session

Restoring an Edit Session

resuming an edit session

RGB tips

Right command

right justifying text

right margin rule

Preferences - Display
Right Margin Rule

right margin rule column

Right Window Edge command

right-click menu

right-to-copy license


run program at cursor

running external programs

run-time word wrap

- S -

sample macros

Save a Copy As command

Save All command

Save As command

Save command

Save Key Recording

Save Selection As command

saving a file

saving a text selection to a file

saving all files

screen colors

Screen Font command


scroll bar

Vertical Scroll Bar
Horizontal Scroll Bar

Scroll Down command

Scroll Left/Right jump value

Scroll Up command

search string characters

searching and replacing

searching and replacing again

searching for a file

searching for text

searching for text in disk files

Select All Text command

Select Columnar command

Select Stream command

select text

Select without Shift

selecting a printer font

selecting a screen font

selecting text

selecting the default printer

selecting the whole file

selective delete

Delete Lines That Begin With
Delete Lines That End With
Delete Lines That Contain
Delete Lines That Do Not Begin With
Delete Lines That Do Not End With
Delete Lines That Do Not Contain

sending email to Boxer Software

Send-To Menu

sentence case

session resumption

Set Clipboard command

Set Clipboard Next

Set Clipboard Previous

setting bookmarks

setting colors

setting paper size

setting templates

setting the current clipboard

setting the printer

setting the printer font

setting the screen font



Shaded Tab Zones

shape of cursor

short date insertion

short name

short time insertion

shortcut key assignments

show auto-complete word list

show bookmarked lines

show codes

single space

single spacing

Site Licenses

size of cursor

size of printer font

size of screen font

size of tab

Sizes and Limits

skip window

slide in

smart tabs

smooth justification

Justification Style
Align Smooth

software license

Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

Sort File Tabs by Extension command

Sort File Tabs by Name command

Sort File Tabs by Use command

sort IP addresses

Sort Lines command

sorting lines

source browsing

spaces and tab key

Spaces to Tabs command

spaces, visible

special characters



spell check word

Spell Checker command

Spell Checker dictionary language

Spell Checker ignore Email and URL addresses

Spell Checker ignore upper case words

Spell Checker move dialog to prevent overlap

Spell Checker re-check before replacing

spell checking active

splash screen

splash screen, enabling and disabling

Split Horizontal command

Split Vertical command


square root

squiggly line

Start of File command

Start of Line command

start with a new file

startup options

status bar

stay at insertion when pasting

stream selection extends past end-of-line

stream selections

string fill

Strip HTML Tags command

strip trailing blanks when loading

strip trailing blanks when saving

Strip Trailing Spaces command

subtracting from the value at the cursor



Swap Lines command

Swap Words command

swapping case


switching to another PC


Synchronized Scroll command

Syntax Highlight As

syntax highlighting

syntax highlighting colors

Syntax Highlighting command

syntax matching

syntax printing

Print All


system files

system sounds

- T -

tab character insertion

Tab Display Size command

tab size

Preferences -Tabs
Tab Display Size

tab-delimited files

Table of Contents

Tabs to Spaces command

tabs with filenames

tabs, visible


Technical Support

telephone orders


Templates command

text anchors

Text Highlighting

Text Highlighting
Text Highlighting

text selection commands

Text Width command

text width display

text wrapping

The Netherlands agent

Tile Across command

Tile Down command


Title Case

Toggle Bookmark command

toggle case

Toggle Read-Only

Toolbar command

toolbar configuration


Top of Page command

Total and Average command


Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

trailing space removal

Transferring Preferences

triple spacing

truncate line

tutorial macros

typeover mode

typewriter tabs

- U -

Uncomment command


underline misspelled words



Undo All command

undo buffer size

Undo command

undoing Undo

Unformat command

Unindent command

Uninstalling Boxer

unique lines

Find Unique Lines
Find Distinct Lines

UNIX line enders

untitled files

Save As

Up command



Upgrade Information

upper case

URL highlighting


usage tips

User Lists

User Lists command

User Tools command

user-defined Auto-Complete phrases

user-defined toolbar

- V -

Value at Cursor command

variable index

variable width tabs

Preferences -Tabs
Tab Display Size

version number

vertical scroll bar

vertical window split

view bookmarked lines

View Bookmarks command

View Column Rulers

View File Tabs command

View Hex Mode

View Horizontal Scroll Bar command

view in browser

View Line Numbers command

View Right Margin Rule command

View Status Bar command

View Syntax Highlighting command

View Text Highlighting command

View Toolbar command

View Vertical Scroll Bar command

View Visible Spaces command

viewing in hex mode

Visa orders

visible newlines

visible space characters

visible spaces

visible tabs

volume discounts

- W -

warn before loading binary file

warn before opening non-existent files

warn when file is changed by another program


Software License - Evaluation Copies
Software License - Licensed Copies

web-based tools


website addresses

Western Union


width of a paragraph

width of tabs

wildcard characters

Window Cascade

Window Close All command

Window List command

Window Next command

Window Previous command

Window Skip command

window splitting

Split Vertical
Split Horizontal

Windows error codes

Windows registry

Wire Transfers

Word Count command

word delete

Delete -> Previous Word
Delete -> Next Word

word delimiters

Word Left command

Word Right command

word swapping

Word Wrap command

word wrap display

word wrap mode

word wrap width


wrapping width

writing a file

WYSIWYG web page editing

- X -


- Z -

zeros on line numbers