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Frequently Asked Questions


After I order, will I get a password or key to convert the evaluation version of Boxer into a licensed version?

No.  New software will be sent which is easily installed atop the evaluation version.  All of your settings will be maintained.  Software keys are frequently distributed on 'pirate' Internet sites, thus reducing sales and driving up the cost of software for paying customers.


Why can't other programs see the text I copied to the clipboard in Boxer?

You are almost certainly using an internal clipboard, rather than the Windows clipboard.  Other programs can't see text that is placed on Boxer's internal clipboards.  See the Set Clipboard command for details.


Why am I having trouble opening filenames from Explorer when they contain embedded spaces?

This is due to a bug in Explorer. It doesn't enclose a filename in double quotes before sending it off to the associated application. In the file associations set up by Boxer's installer, double quotes have been added around "%1", so you'll find these associations (.TXT, .BAT, etc) work fine. But for any file associations you create yourself, or if you elected not to allow Boxer's installer to create the associations, you'll need to manually edit the association to have double quotes around "%1". You'll find that Boxer's help topic entitled 'File Associations' has additional useful information about this subject.


Why can't I see all my Windows fonts in the Screen Font dialog?

Boxer requires that fixed width fonts (monospace fonts) be used, so the Screen Font dialog box does not display proportionally spaced fonts. This is required, in part, to ensure that columnar selections can be highlighted neatly in rectangular blocks, and so that the Column Ruler can be used.  These features would not be possible if the use of proportionally spaced fonts was permitted.


Will there be a German version of Boxer for Windows, as there was for earlier Boxer products?

It appears unlikely.  We learned from our earlier products that the effort to release a program in a new language is quite substantial.  It appears that our resources can be better spent enhancing our current products, or developing new ones.


Will there ever be a Linux version of Boxer?

That's uncertain at this time.  We're keeping an eye on the Linux market, and will continue to do so.


How long did it take to develop Boxer for Windows?

The initial development took almost two years.  Boxer for Windows was a ground-up effort, with almost none of the code from our earlier products being used in its development.


What language was Boxer written in?  How many lines of code?  What development tool was used?

Boxer currently consists of over 110,000 lines of C++ code.  Borland's C++ Builder was used for development.


Where did the name 'Boxer' come from?

In the mid 1980's, one of the most popular editors for the PC was a product called BRIEF, which was then marketed by a company called UnderWare. In fact, the very first lines of Boxer/DOS were written using Brief, until Boxer was able to edit its own code. The name Boxer was simply a play on words: another style of men's underwear!