Set Clipboard

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Menu: Edit > Set Clipboard > Clipboard n


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: SetClipboard()


The Set Clipboard command is used to set the active clipboard.  The active clipboard can be either the Windows clipboard or one of Boxer's eight internal (private) clipboards.  Text which is placed on the Windows clipboard will be accessible by other applications.  Likewise, text placed on the Windows clipboard by other applications is available to Boxer whenever the active clipboard is the Windows clipboard.  Text that is placed on any of Boxer's internal clipboards is not available to other applications.


The content of each clipboard is displayed in a popup window as the menu cursor is moved across the clipboard's menu entry.  This makes it easy to check what's on a clipboard without actually pasting the content into a file.


The content of Boxer's internal clipboards will be saved at the end of an edit session, as long as the length of the text on the clipboard is 2,048 characters or less.  Because the content of the internal clipboards persists from session to session, and cannot be changed by other applications, these clipboards can be useful for storing frequently used text blocks for insertion into your files.  The Edit Clipboard command might be used to create these text blocks and maintain them.


The content of a single clipboard can be cleared with the Clear Clipboard command.  The content of all clipboards can be cleared with the Clear All Clipboards command.


bm2When the content of a clipboard is displayed in a popup window, the text is displayed with an 8 point, fixed width, Courier New font.  This font utilizes the ANSI character set mapping.  If the current screen font uses an OEM character set mapping, and if characters outside the normal alphanumeric range reside on the clipboard, then the content of the clipboard may appear different in the popup window than it would in the underlying file.  This difference is simply the result of a difference in character sets, and does not mean that the data on the clipboard has been adjusted or corrupted.