Paste Clipboard

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Menu: Edit > Paste Clipboard > Clipboard n


Default Shortcut Key: Shift+Alt+n


Macro function: PasteClipboard()


The Paste Clipboard commands permit the content of any clipboard to be inserted into the text file directly, without the need to first select that clipboard with the Set Clipboard command before using Paste.


bm1The content of Boxer's internal clipboards is saved from session to session (subject to a limit; see Sizes and Limits), ensuring that their content is always available.  Since the Paste Clipboard commands allow pasting from any clipboard with a single key sequence, the internal clipboards can be the ideal place to store commonly used text blocks.


bm2When the content of a clipboard is displayed in a popup window, the text is displayed with an 8 point, fixed width, Courier New font.  This font utilizes the ANSI character set mapping.  If the current screen font uses an OEM character set mapping, and if characters outside the normal alphanumeric range reside on the clipboard, then the content of the clipboard may appear different in the popup window than it would in the underlying file.  This difference is simply the result of a difference in character sets, and does not mean that the data on the clipboard has been adjusted or corrupted.