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Menu: Edit > Paste


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+V


Macro function: Paste()


The Paste command inserts the text from the current clipboard at the location of the text cursor in the current file.  The current clipboard might be the Windows clipboard or one of Boxer's eight internal clipboards.  See the Edit | Set Clipboard command for details on changing the current clipboard.


If stream text (Edit | Select Stream) is being pasted, the clipboard text is inserted as if it had been typed from the keyboard.  That is, the character at the text cursor is pushed along as far as is needed to accommodate the new text.


If columnar text (Edit | Select Columnar) is being pasted, the method of insertion is sensitive to the current edit mode.  In Insert mode text will be pushed right to accommodate the size of the rectangular block being inserted.  In Typeover mode the clipboard text will overwrite any text which may exist in the destination rectangle.


If an entire line has been placed on the clipboard by using the Copy or Cut command without first selecting text, the text cursor will be positioned to the start of line before the text is inserted.


The placement of the text cursor after a Paste operation can be controlled with an option on the Configure | Preferences | Editing options page.  The option is titled Stay at insertion point when Pasting.


bm1If the Paste command is issued when no files are open, and when text is present on the active clipboard, a new file will be created automatically and the clipboard text will be pasted into that file.


bm1When the Paste command is issued repeatedly to paste the same clipboard content, the status line will report a count of the number of times that the content has been pasted.


bm2When placing columnar text onto a clipboard, Boxer must take care so that subsequent Paste operations of that text will be performed properly.  Columnar clipboard text must be pasted differently than stream text, since all lines must move rightward by the width of the text block.  Notwithstanding this fact, columnar clipboard text placed onto the Windows clipboard by Boxer can still be pasted into other Windows applications.  Boxer does not use a private clipboard format for this purpose.