View Column Ruler

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Menu: View > Column Ruler


Default Shortcut Key: Alt+F5


Macro function: ViewColumnRuler()


The View Column Ruler command is used to toggle on or off the horizontal ruler at the top of the editing window.




The Column Ruler labels the column numbers of the file being displayed.  When the view of the file is scrolled to the right, the ruler values scroll along with the file.  Clicking on a column number within the ruler will move the text cursor to that column on the current line.  Clicking at the far right of the Ruler will cause the file to scroll to the right.


The current column number is also displayed in the Status Bar.


To enable the display of line numbers, use the View Line Numbers command.


Clicking on the Ruler with the right mouse button provides access to its context menu.  The menu has an option to turn off display of the Ruler.