View Line Numbers

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Menu: View > Line Numbers


Default Shortcut Key: Alt+F3


Macro function: ViewLineNumbers()


The View Line Numbers command is used to toggle on or off the line numbers in a region to the left of the editing area.




Leading zeros can be displayed on line numbers using an option on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page.  The option is titled Display leading zeros on line numbers.


The display of Line Numbers is a visual aid and does not result in any changes to the file being edited.  To insert line numbers into the file itself, use the Auto-Number command.


Clicking in the Line Number region with the right mouse button provides access to its context menu.  Options are available to toggle on and off the display of leading zeros, and to turn off the viewing of line numbers.


The current line number is also displayed in the Status Bar.


To enable the display of a ruler which labels screen columns, use the View Column Ruler command.