Status Bar

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Menu: View > Status Bar


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ViewStatusBar()


The View Status Bar command is used to toggle on and off the display of Boxer's Status Bar which appears at screen bottom.  The status bar displays the location of the text cursor in the current file, the current edit mode, current Clipboard, read-only state, Word Wrap and Text Width settings and the current time and date.




The leftmost area of the Status Bar is used to present various information depending on the command being performed.  For example, while text is being selected, a report is displayed that shows the number of lines and characters selected.  The percentage of the selection, with respect to the whole file, is also displayed.


Double clicking in each of the status fields is recognized as a shorthand method of issuing a related command. 


The Line Number field displays the current line number in the current file.  Double clicking in the Line Number field will issue the Go to Line command.


The Column Number field displays the current column number in the current file.  Double clicking in the Column Number field will issue the Go to Column command.


The Edit Mode field indicates the current edit mode.  'INS' denotes Insert mode.  'TYP' denotes Typeover mode.  Double clicking in the Edit Mode field will toggle the edit mode between Insert and Typeover modes.


The Clipboard field displays the active clipboard.  'W' indicates the Windows clipboard; internal clipboards are denoted by the digits 1-8.  Double-clicking in this field advances the active clipboard by one.  Shift double-clicking decreases the active clipboard by one.


To the right of the Clipboard field is the Read-Only field.  If the current file is being viewed in read-only mode, 'RO' is displayed.  If the file is eligible for changes, 'WR' is displayed.  Double-clicking in this field will change the state of the current file within the editor.  If a file is being edited in read-only mode because its on-disk read-only file attribute is set, an option is provided to change the file's on-disk read-only attribute.  Changing a writable file to read-only mode does not alter a file's on-disk file attribute.


To the right of the Read-Only field is the Word Wrap and Text Width field.  Double clicking atop the 'w' in this field will toggle Word Wrap mode on and off.  A lowercase 'w' denotes off; an uppercase 'W' denotes on.  Double clicking in the numeric portion of this field will issue the Text Width command.


The macro field serves several purposes.  When the word 'Macro' is not flashing, double-clicking in this field will display the Macro dialog.  When a macro is running, the word 'Macro' will flash intermittently.  When keystrokes are being recorded using the Record Keys command, the macro field will flash the word 'Record'.


At the far right of the Status Bar is the Time and Date display.  Double clicking atop the time display will issue the Insert Short Time command.  Double clicking atop the date display will issue the Insert Short Date command.


bm2Due to a problem reported by users in countries that do not use the Western/Latin code page, the date in the lower right corner of the status bar will now be displayed in English, and not in the language dictated by the operating system's regional settings.  The Insert Short/Long Time/Date commands will continue to honor the system's regional settings.


Unless screen space is at a premium, it is recommended that the Status Bar display be left on.  Right clicking on the Status Bar summons its context menu, which allows it to be turned off.