Word Wrap

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Menu: Paragraph > Word Wrap


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+F5


Macro function: WordWrap()


The Word Wrap command is used to toggle on and off word wrap mode.  When Word Wrap mode is on, text typed from the keyboard will be wrapped to the next line when the Text Width value is exceeded.  When Word Wrap mode is off, typed text will not be wrapped to the next line until the Enter key is pressed.


Note: When Boxer wraps text to the next line, it does so by adding a true newline (hard line ender) character at the end of the line.  The nature of text editors is that they must not place special characters in the files they produce, so adding a soft line ender at the point of word wrap is not an option.  At present, Boxer does not have a wrap-to-window mode in which lines would be wrapped to the window width for display purposes only.  This feature is under consideration for a future release.


Word Wrap mode is maintained separately for each edited file.  Activating Word Wrap in one file does not affect the Word Wrap mode for other edited files.


The current file's Word Wrap mode is displayed on the Status Bar.  An uppercase 'W' indicates that Word Wrap is on.  A lowercase 'w' indicates that Word Wrap is off. The Word Wrap command can also be issued by double clicking on the 'w' value in the Status Bar.


bm2Word Wrap will break lines between HTML or XML tags, when appropriate, even if an intervening space is not present.