Justification Style

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Menu: Paragraph > Justification Style


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+J


Macro function: JustificationStyle()


The Justification Style command is used to set the justification style used by the Reformat, Word Wrap and Quote and Reformat commands. There are four justification styles to choose from:




The paragraphs below show examples of each justification style:


Left Justified - text will be justified flush

against the left edge, with the right edge being

left ragged.



Center Justified - text will be centered within

   the current text width, with the left and

           right edges being ragged.



   Right Justified - text will be justified flush

against the right edge, with the left edge being

                                     left ragged.



Smooth Justified - text will be flush against both

the left and  right  margins.  Spaces are inserted

alternately  in  the  left,  center,   and   right

portions  of  a line to minimize the appearance of

'rivers and valleys' in the justified text.