Quote and Reformat

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Menu: Paragraph > Quote and Reformat


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Q


Macro function: QuoteAndReformat()


The Quote and Reformat command can be used to reformat a paragraph within the defined Text Width and according to the current Justification Style, while adding a quoting symbol to the left edge of the paragraph. This formatting style is used within email replies and in other communications to visually identify the text which is being replied to from the text of the reply itself.


Two quoting styles are available: one in which the first line is quoted and additional lines are indented to match the first line:


>> A  Multi-User  License  provides an inexpensive

  way for businesses,  schools,  universities  or

  other  work  groups  to  supply their personnel

  with computer software in both a legal and cost

  efficient manner.  By  licensing  Boxer for use

  on multiple computers you can standardize on  a

  single  editing  tool that will serve the needs

  of all people within the group.


and one in which all lines within the paragraph are quoted:


>> In so doing,  support and maintenance costs can

>> be reduced, and users can benefit  from  having

>> ready  access  to others who are using the same

>> software.  Multi-user  licensing  is  also more

>> economical than  making  individual  purchases,

>> because there is no need for us to supply extra

>> disks, reference literature, etc. for all users

>> within the group.


Both the quoting style, and the quoting symbol used, can be configured on the Configure | Preferences | Editing options page.


bm2The Quote and Reformat command makes use of the Reformat command internally during its operation.  As noted in the Reformat command, lines beginning with a period (.) are treated as blank lines in order to recognize text markup tags. As a result, the use of a quoting string that begins with a period will not produce the desired results, and should be avoided. All other symbols and characters are permissible.