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Menu: Paragraph > Unformat


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Alt+F10


Macro function: Unformat()


The Unformat command can be used to convert the lines of the current paragraph into a single, long line.  The Unformat operation begins on the current line and includes all lines to the end of the current paragraph.  The text cursor is advanced to the first line of the next paragraph following Unformat, so that successive Unformat commands will move smoothly through the document.


If a range of lines is selected, all paragraphs within the selected range will be processed.  Use the Select All Text command before Unformat to process an entire file, but first check to be sure that the file doesn't contain tables or lists which would be adversely affected by the new formatting.


bm2If the total length of the paragraph being unformatted is greater than the maximum line length (see Sizes and Limits), the operation will use multiple lines.


bm1The Unformat command is useful for preparing text that is to be imported into a word processor, email client or other programs that perform 'soft formatting'.  Programs such as these sometimes require that extra newlines be removed before imported text can be properly formatted.