View Vertical Scroll Bar

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Menu: View > Vertical Scroll Bar


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ViewVScrollBar()


The View Vertical Scroll Bar command is used to toggle on or off the scroll bar at the right edge on the editing window.


The height of the thumb or scroll box is proportional to the number of lines in the file.  If the height of the thumb is one-third the height of the window, then the portion of the file visible within the window is approximately one-third of the entire file.


When the current file has insufficient lines to fill the height of the window, the Vertical Scroll Bar disappears automatically.


Clicking on the scroll bar with the right mouse button provides access to its context menu.  The menu has an option to turn off display of the scroll bar.


bm1As the thumb is dragged with the mouse, the current line and page count of the new view is displayed on the status bar in real-time.  This makes it easier to locate a line/page of interest, since the current line need not be changed to get a report on the text that is in view.