View Bookmarks

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Menu: View > Bookmarks


Default Shortcut Key: Alt+F2


Macro function: ViewBookmarks()


The View Bookmarks command is used to toggle on or off the bookmarks in the left column of the editor window.  When active, bookmarked lines are displayed with a small number (0-9) in a region to the left of the editing space:




The Toggle Bookmark command is used to set or clear a bookmark on the current line at the current column of the text cursor.  The Previous Bookmark and Next Bookmark commands can be used to move among bookmarked lines.


Whether or not bookmarks are displayed, they remain functional.  All bookmark commands are available even when View Bookmarks is toggled off.


Clicking in the Bookmark region with the right mouse button provides access to its context menu, which allows the display of Bookmarks to be turned off.


The background color of the bookmark region is shared with that of the Line Numbers.  Use the Configure Colors command to select screen colors.