Toggle Bookmark

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Menu: Search > Toggle Bookmark


Default Shortcut Key: F9


Macro function: ToggleBookmark()



The Toggle Bookmark command places a bookmark at the current location of the text cursor, or clears a bookmark if the line is already bookmarked.  Bookmarks are displayed at the far left edge of the window as a small number (0-9) within a gray box. Up to ten bookmarks can be placed in a file at any one time.




If the bookmarked column is altered due to the addition or deletion of text on the bookmarked line, the bookmark will be adjusted automatically.  If a line containing a bookmark is deleted, the bookmark will be cleared.


Bookmarks can be used to mark various points of interest within a text file.  Once one or more lines have been bookmarked, you can use the Previous Bookmark and Next Bookmark commands to move among the bookmarked lines.  The Bookmark Manager can be used to view all bookmarked lines in a single view, and navigate to, or delete, selected bookmarks.


Bookmarks will persist for the current editing session, and will be restored when restoring an edit session.


The display of bookmarks is controlled by the View | Bookmarks command.  Bookmarks remain operational even if they are not currently being shown on-screen.