Bookmark Manager

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Menu: Search > Bookmark Manager


Default Shortcut Key: Shift+F9


Macro function: BookmarkManager()


The Bookmark Manager command displays a pop-up dialog showing all bookmarked lines in the files being edited.  Double clicking on an entry causes the associated file to become current, and the cursor to be placed on the bookmarked line.  The display can be sorted on any of the fields by clicking on the header bar at the top of each field.  Press the Delete key to remove a bookmark.


The Bookmark Manager can be left open while working in Boxer, so that it's available for reference or quick navigation.





Show filepaths

Use this option to control whether filenames or full filepaths are displayed for each bookmark entry.


Stay on Top

This checkbox controls whether or not the dialog will remain on top of other windows.


Show Grid Lines

Use this option to toggle on/off the display of grid lines within the view.


Show all bookmarks

This checkbox can be used to control whether bookmarks are displayed for all open files, or for only the current file.


Bookmarks will persist for the current editing session, and will be restored when restoring an edit session.