Upgrade Information

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Your purchase of Boxer entitles you to free bug fixes and minor enhancements as they become available, based on the version number at the time of your purchase.  For example, if you first purchased version 11.0.x your base version is 11.0, and you are entitled to all updates which may be issued up to and including version 11.0.9.


When significant enhancements have been made to Boxer, the release level will become version 11.1.0, and the upgrade will be made available for a modest fee.  Upgrade pricing will be established at the time of the upgrade, but in the past it has always been less than half of the original price of the software.  Having purchased that upgrade, you would again become eligible for free upgrades up to version 11.1.9.


When upgrades are obtained by downloading from the Internet there is no shipping charge.  When the customer asks that media be sent by postal mail, a shipping and handling charge will apply.


See also Ordering Boxer and Multi-User Licenses.


bm1The Check for Latest Version command makes it easy to see if your version of Boxer is current.