Licensed User Benefits

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There are many benefits that accompany the purchase of a fully licensed copy of Boxer.


Extended License

The evaluation version of Boxer can be used for up to 20 days to determine whether the software is suited to your needs.  Please note that Boxer counts unique days of use--not simply elapsed calendar days--in an effort to provide a fair trial period.  The purchase of a fully licensed copy of Boxer permits you to use the program indefinitely, in accordance with the software license.  


Removal of Reminders

The evaluation version of Boxer uses various methods to remind the user of the need to order, and to encourage him to do so.  The following reminders are removed in the fully licensed version:


the popup dialog on program entry
the message panel below the toolbar
the watermark message at the bottom of printed pages
the 'Trial Copy' message in the window title bar
the 'Trial Copy' message in the minimized task button
the dollar sign icon on the toolbar


Free Upgrades

Your purchase of Boxer entitles you to free bug fixes and minor enhancements as they become available, based on the version number at the time of your purchase.  See Upgrade Information for full details.


Discounted Upgrades

For software upgrades which fall outside the version number range of free upgrades, Boxer Software will extend discounted pricing to its customers.  Upgrade pricing will be established at the time of the upgrade, but in the past it has always been just a fraction of the original software price.  Boxer Software will always extend preferred pricing to its customers on both new products, and on product upgrades.


Technical Support

Your purchase of Boxer entitles you to free technical support for one year from the date of purchase.  See the Technical Support topic for information about the various ways in which support can be obtained.