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There are several ways to receive technical support for Boxer.  The first and most obvious resource is the online Help.  Online help contains detailed information on the configuration and use of Boxer, and for all of its commands.  If you are having problems, please consult the relevant section of help before contacting us for support.  You may also be able to find answers to some common questions on our website:



You can send electronic mail to us via the Internet. We prefer this method of support since it allows us to fully research a problem before responding.  Also, we can sometimes reuse an earlier reply for a problem which has been experienced by more than one person. We typically check email several times a day:



You can also reach us by telephone Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time.


Voice: +1-602-485-1635


Postal Mail or Fax

Finally, you can mail or fax your inquiry to us.  If you choose one of these methods, please be sure to describe your problem fully and include any information which may help us to diagnose the problem.  Whenever possible, please provide an email address so that we can make return contact quickly and easily.


Fax: +1-602-485-1636


Boxer Software

PO Box 14545

Scottsdale, AZ

85267-4545  U.S.A.