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Menu: File > Close All


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: CloseAll()


The Close All command is used to close all open files within the editor.  If unsaved changes have been made to any file, a dialog box will appear for each such file to alert you to this fact.  You will then be able to choose whether to save the changes before closing, close without saving, or to cancel the Close All operation.  If Close All is issued when more than one file is modified, Yes-to-All and No-to-All buttons are provided to save time:






bm1You can tell quickly whether a file has unsaved changes by looking for an asterisk (*) to the left of its name in the title bar, or on its File Tab.


If you would prefer that Boxer be minimized automatically when the last file is closed, there is a checkbox on the Configure | Preferences | Other options page to achieve this.  The option is titled Minimize Boxer when closing last file.


The File | Close All command is functionally equivalent to the Window | Close All command, since each file resides in its own window.