View File Tabs

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Menu: View > File Tabs > View File Tabs


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ViewFileTabs()


The View File Tabs command is used to toggle on and off the display of the File Tabs which can appear at the bottom or top of Boxer's window.  File Tabs provide a convenient method of switching among the currently open windows.




The tab for the current file is displayed as the uppermost tab, and its name will appear in bold text.  For example, in the picture above, the current file is  REPORT.C.  Clicking on any other tab will bring that file to the foreground position.


Right clicking on an open area of the File Tab bar will provide access to its context menu, which allows the bar to be repositioned or turned off.  The File Tab bar can also be repositioned by dragging it to a new location.


The context menu also contains an option to sort the File Tabs alphabetically, by filename.  The order of the File Tabs controls the behavior of the Window Previous and Window Next commands.


An asterisk (*) is placed in front of the filename on the File Tab to indicate that the file has changes which have not been saved to disk.


bm1The filename displayed on the File Tab can be shortened to a user-defined width.  This option appears on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page.


bm1A file can be closed by clicking its File Tab with the middle mouse button.