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Menu: Window > Next


Default Shortcut Key: F6


Macro function: WindowNext()


The Window Next command is used to move to the next window when editing two or more files.  When a window has been split with the Split Horizontal or Split Vertical commands, Window Next will move to the lower or right window pane, respectively.  Window Next will skip over a minimized window, but the Windows-level service (Ctrl+F6) will stop on minimized windows.


The next window in the sequence will be determined according to the order of the File Tabs.  If the File Tabs have been configured to sort the files alphabetically, Window Next will move to the window whose filename occurs next, alphabetically.  If the File Tabs are not sorted, the order is determined

by Windows according to the "z order" ranking of the windows.


When many windows are open, it may prove faster to use the Window List to select a new window. Boxer's File Tabs can also be used to move quickly among windows.