Split Horizontal

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Menu: Window > Split Horizontal


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: SplitHorizontal()


The Split Horizontal command can be used to split the current window horizontally.  A split window provides a second view into the same file, allowing two different sections of the file to be viewed simultaneously in different window panes.  Each window pane can be scrolled separately from the other, just as if a second window were in use.


After a window is split, a thin splitter bar appears which visually separates the two panes.  The splitter bar can be dragged up or down with the left mouse button to resize the window panes. 


Clicking on the splitter bar with the right mouse button provides access to its context menu.  The context menu has options to change the split from horizontal to vertical, or to turn off the horizontal split so the window becomes whole again.


The Window Next command can be used to move from the top pane to the bottom pane, while the Window Previous command changes focus from the bottom pane to the top.


When the height of the window is increased or decreased due to window resizing, the relative position of the window split will be maintained, so long as each pane remains taller than the minimum window height.


If the Column Ruler is in use, it will appear only in the top window pane of a horizontally split window.