Insert Character(s)

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Menu: Edit > Insert > Character(s)


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: InsertCharacter()


The Insert Character(s) command can be used to insert one or more characters by specifying their numeric values.  The values to be entered are typed into a popup dialog box.  This command is useful for entering characters which are not readily typed from the keyboard, such as those values below the Space (character value 32), and those above 127.




The ANSI Chart and OEM Chart can also be used to insert non-standard characters into a file.  After locating the desired character in the chart, simply press Enter or double click on the selected entry.


When the need to insert a special character or symbol arises frequently, consider using the Insert Symbols feature rather than the Insert Character command.  The Insert Symbols feature permits a defined character to be entered using a single keystroke.


For additional information, see the Inserting Special Characters topic.


Boxer's Value at Cursor command can be used to verify the value of the character at the cursor.


bm1On most PCs, a character can be entered from the keyboard by typing its numeric value in a special way.  With the Numlock key on, depress and hold the Alt key.  Then type the 0 (zero) on the numeric keypad, followed by the decimal value of the character to be inserted.  Finally, release the Alt key.  The character whose value was typed will appear at the text cursor.