Visible Spaces

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Menu: View > Visible Spaces


Default Shortcut Key: Alt+F1


Macro function: ViewVisibleSpaces()


The Visible Spaces command can be used to toggle on and off a display mode in which Spaces, Tabs and Newline characters (also known as whitespace) are displayed as visible symbols.  This command is useful for drawing attention to extra Tabs and Spaces at the ends of lines, and to see whether indents are comprised of Tabs, Spaces, or both.





The color used to display Visible Spaces can be controlled with the Configure Colors command.  In most of the default color schemes, a color has been used which makes the characters appear less prominent than foreground text.  This often makes it possible to use Visible Spaces mode full-time, without concern for a cluttered display.


The symbols which are used to represent Spaces, Tabs and Newlines are user-configurable.  These can be set using options on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page.  Separate options are provided for use with both ANSI and OEM screen fonts.