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Menu: View > Active Spell Checking


Default Shortcut Key: Alt+F7


Macro function: ActiveSpellChecking()


The View Active Spell Checking command is used to toggle on/off a display mode in which misspelled words are underlined with a squiggly line.  When this mode is on, Boxer will underline words as you type if they are not found in the active spell checker dictionary.




Note that Boxer does not wait for you to press Space and move off the word before deciding whether an underline will appear: the visual feedback is provided instantaneously.  This makes it easier to experiment with alternate spellings, or to make a correction early in the word before it is completely typed.


If you right click on an underlined word, the misspelled word context menu will appear:




The context menu shows up to ten suggested corrections for the misspelled word, as well as other options related to spell checking.


Add Word

Use the Add Word option to add the offending word to the dictionary.  Words which are added to the dictionary are saved within the file userdict.txt in Boxer's home directory.  This file can also be edited within Boxer to add other words, or to remove words which may have been added mistakenly.


bm2Words which are added to the user dictionary will be accepted as correctly spelled words in any case configuration in which they may occur.  For example, if the word ebay is added to the dictionary, it will be accepted in any of the following forms: eBay, ebAy, and ebaY. This liberal processing was necessary because the third-party dictionary that Boxer uses is not processed in a case sensitive manner.  Before this handling was put in place, the word eBay would always be reported as misspelled, even when eBay (or any variant) had been added to the user dictionary.


Ignore All

Use the Ignore All option to ignore the offending word, and to indicate that all other occurrences of the word should also be ignored.


Active Spell Check

Use this option to disable the Active Spell Checking feature.  It can be reactivated using the View | Active Spell Checking command.


Spell Checker

Use this option to initiate a full spell checking scan with the Tools | Spell Checker command.


Reset Ignore List

This option can be used to clear the list of ignored words that have been added with the Ignore All option, or from earlier use of the Ignore button on the Spell Checker dialog.



This menu entry opens the Configure | Preferences dialog to the page that contains the spell checker options.


Cut Word

Use this option to cut the misspelled word to the current clipboard.


Copy Word

Use this option to copy the misspelled word to the current clipboard.



Use this option to paste text from the current clipboard.



For general information about Boxer's spell checker, see the Spell Checker command.


bm2The Configure | Preferences | Other dialog page contains a section with options related to Spell Checking.