Synchronized Scroll

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Menu: View > Synchronized Scroll


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: none  (the interactive nature of this command makes it unsuitable for use within a macro)


The Synchronized Scroll command can be used to enter a display mode in which all open windows will scroll synchronously.  This command is useful for hands-off file browsing, or for comparing similar files in side-by-side windows.


The initial direction of scrolling is downward, but the Up and Down arrow keys can be used to change direction at any time.


The Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys can be used to decrease or increase the scrolling delay, respectively.


Pressing Right Arrow repeatedly through the range of delay settings will set the delay to infinite.  The infinite setting effectively locks all open windows to one another.  The Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys can then be used to scroll all windows synchronously.


The Home and End keys can be used to move quickly to the minimum and maximum (infinite) delay settings.


Scrolling can be canceled with the Esc key or by pressing any key other than the arrow keys.


bm2You may observe that Synchronized Scrolling quickens when the mouse is being moved.  This is because a program receives more CPU cycles from the operating system when it is perceived to be active than when the operating system believes the program to be idle.