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Menu: File > New


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+N


Macro function: New()


The New command is used to create a new file for editing.  The first new file opened in the edit session will be given the name untitled.001, and successive new files will use correspondingly higher file extensions to ensure uniqueness of the filename.


When a new file is first saved with either the Save or Save As command, a dialog box will appear so that a permanent name can be supplied for the file.


The size and position of the newly created window depends upon the nature of other open windows within Boxer. If other editing windows are maximized, the new window will also be created in maximized mode and will obscure the other windows below it.  Otherwise, the new window will be created in 'normal' mode, and its size and position will be determined automatically by Windows.


Untitled files are not added to the Recent Files, and will not be reopened if an edit session is later restored.


You can request that new windows always be created in maximized mode with an option on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page. This option is titled Auto-maximize new windows when created.