Recent Files

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Menu: File


Default Shortcut Key: not applicable


Macro function: OpenRecentFile()


The Recent Files list appears near the bottom of the File menu, above the Exit command.  Each time a file is opened for editing, its name is added to the list.  If necessary, the eldest entry is bumped from the list.  This list makes it easy to recall files which were recently viewed or edited without the need to use the Open command, as is typically done.  The filenames are displayed with a 'hot' number to their left, so that Alt+F, F, followed by the number, will load the named file.





The number of files displayed in the list can be controlled on the Configure | Preferences | File I/O options page.  The option is named Number of recent files on the File menu.


Long filenames will be shortened for display if the relevant option on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page is checked.