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Menu: Block > Comment


Default Shortcut Key: F5


Macro function: Comment()


The Comment command can be used to apply commenting to the current line--or to a selected range of lines--when editing a file for which Boxer has syntax information defined (see Configure | Syntax Highlighting).


When text is not selected, the current line will be commented using the end-of-line comment sequence for the language being edited.  If that sequence is not available, the entire line will be enclosed using the open and close comment sequences.  In either case the text cursor is advanced to the line below following the operation.


If text is selected, the selected lines will be bracketed with the open and close block comment sequences for the language being edited.  If the language does not support block commenting, the end-of-line comment sequence will be applied to each line within the selected range.  If neither of these sequences has been defined, an error message will be given.


The Uncomment command can be used to remove commenting from the current line or from selected text.