User Lists

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Menu: Tools > User Lists


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: UserList()


The User Lists command provides access to a submenu of user-defined lists.  Several example User Lists have been supplied with Boxer to suggest ways in which this feature might be used. You will no doubt think of many other ways.


Selecting a list from the User Lists submenu results in a popup window which displays the items in the list:





User Lists can be used for reference or to insert text strings into the file being edited.  To insert a list item at the text cursor, double-click on the entry, highlight it and press Enter, or click the Insert Item button.  If you would like a line ender to be added after inserting the item, use the Add line ender option.


Right-clicking on a selected item summons the User List context menu.  The context menu provides options to insert the selected item, or to copy it to the current clipboard.


To advance quickly to an item in the list, enter its first letter from the keyboard.


To edit an existing list, click the Edit List button.  To edit an empty list, simply select it from the User Lists submenu.  In either case, the file which defines the list will be loaded into an editor window and can be edited in the usual way. The title of the list appears on the first line of the file and will be placed in the title bar of the popup window.  The list items are placed one item per line, beginning on line two.


The maximum length of a User List item is 256 characters.  The maximum length of a User List title is 40 characters.


The files which define User Lists are kept in Boxer's home directory in a subdirectory called 'User Lists' and are named userlist.001, userlist.002, etc.


If you prefer that the User List window remain atop other windows, select the Stay on top option.  The User List windows are non-modal windows, which allows them to remain on-screen after focus has been returned to another editing window.  Multiple User List windows can be opened simultaneously.


Email and URL Addresses

If a User List entry contains either an email or internet address, Boxer will launch the default email client or internet browser when the entry is double-clicked. This makes it possible for a User List to be used to create a list of email contacts or favorite websites. Email addresses can be entered in any of the following formats.


Boxer Software <>



Mailto extensions can be used within an email address.  They are appended to the email address following a question mark (?).  Here are some examples: a Site License for Boxer text will appear in the message body


Multiple mailto extensions can be combined with the ampersand (&) symbol: Boxer&


Note: Mailto extensions are not supported by all email clients.  Experiment with your email client to learn its capabilities.


Sin Since an address can be launched with a double-click, the Enter key retains the function of inserting the text of the entry into the current file.


bm2To ensure that special characters are displayed in the User List window as they will appear when inserted into the editor, the User List uses the same font as is used in the editor itself.


bm1If a User List is left on-screen when Boxer is closed, it will be automatically reopened if the edit session is later restored.