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Menu: Project > New


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ProjectNew()


The Project | New command creates a project file containing the names of all files that are currently open.  The file is added to the editor's list of open files and made available for editing.  The project file contains a useful series of comments that explain the use of project files:




After making any changes that may be desired, the project file should be saved in the usual way.


Boxer's project files provide a means of simultaneously loading a pre-defined list of files.  In essence, a project files is simply a text file whose file extension is .BP and whose content consists of a list of filenames, one per line.


When a project file is named on Boxer's command line, or when the icon of a project file is dragged and dropped onto the Boxer window (or its icon), all of the files named within that file will be loaded for editing.  If you need to edit the content of the project file itself, use the Edit Active or Edit Other command, as may be appropriate.


A project file can be used to maintain a list of filenames that relates to a given project or document set, and to open those files quickly.  For best results, the full pathname--including the drive designator and directory path--should be used.  This will ensure that the project file functions properly regardless of the default directory in force at the time it is used.


Empty lines can be used freely within a project file to separate filenames as may be appropriate.  Lines beginning with an asterisk (*) will be considered comment lines, and will not be processed.


bm1FTP filepaths can be placed within project files.  See the  FTP Opencommand for more information.


bm2Project files cannot be nested; if a project file is named within another project file an error message will result.


bm1If a file is open for read-only editing, that file's entry in the project file will be automatically created with the -R command line option flag that designates read-only status.  Likewise, if a file is open for hex mode viewing, its entry will be created with the -H command line option flag.


bm1Within a project file, filepaths can be designated with "exec:" to dictate that they be opened using their default application.  This allows other files that are associated with a project to be opened when the project opens in Boxer. For example, a project file's entries might be:





       exec:c:\myproject\bitmaps\project logo.bmp


The first file would open in Boxer, while the next three files would be opened by the applications that are associated with their file types.  If the filepath to be opened contains embedded spaces, the entire line must be surrounded in double quotes:


       "exec:c:\my project\docs\monthly updates.doc"


bm1A project file can be designated on the command line using the -P command line option flag.