Syntax Highlight As

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Menu: View > Syntax Highlight As


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: SyntaxHighlightAs()


The Syntax Highlight As command provides a means to override the syntax highlighting that occurs due to a file's extension, or to select a language for a file that would not otherwise be eligible for highlighting.  For example, if you're viewing a file named index.html.bak, the Syntax Highlight As command would allow HTML to be designated as the syntax highlighting language, even though the file's  .bak extension is not configured for HTML highlighting.





The None button allows a file to be disassociated from its syntax highlighting language, without the need to disable syntax highlighting for all files being edited, as the View | Syntax Highlighting command can do.


The duration of the Syntax Highlight As assignment is for the current editing session only.  To permanently associate a file type with a syntax highlighting language, use the Configure | Syntax Highlighting command to add its file extension to the list of recognized extensions.