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With the exception of the Cursor Movement commands, Boxer's main menu provides access to all of the editor's features and commands.  Commands are grouped by function into ten top-level menus: File, Edit, Block, Search, Paragraph, Tools, Configure, View, Window and Help.


The main menu can be accessed with the mouse or by depressing Alt along with the underlined hot letter for the desired menu.  Once a menu has been dropped, pressing a command's hot letter (with or without Alt) will execute the command.


Many commands also have shortcut keys, which provide a means to issue a command without entering the main menu structure.  A command's active shortcut key--when available--is displayed to the right of that command's menu entry.  The Configure Keyboard command can be used to change shortcut keys or to add secondary key assignments.


While navigating the main menu, issuing the Help command (which is assigned to F1 by default) will display the help topic for the highlighted menu entry.  This permits the main menu to be used as an index into the help system.


By default, icons are displayed next to many main menu entries.  Studies have found that icons help many users to recognize and locate menu items and buttons more quickly.  The display of main menu icons can be controlled on the Configure | Preferences | Display options page.  The option is titled Display icons in menus.


Several commands which are most likely to be used during editing are available on the Context Menu.  The context menu is activated by clicking the right mouse button within an editing window.