Open URL at Cursor

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Menu: File > Open Other > URL at Cursor


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+U


Macro function: OpenURLAtCursor()


The Open URL at Cursor command will attempt to launch your Internet browser to view the URL address beneath the text cursor.




This command can also be invoked by double clicking with the mouse on a URL which appears within text.  The mouse cursor will change to the pointing hand when atop a URL to indicate that the address has been recognized.


bm2In order to launch your Internet browser, Boxer relies upon the operating system shell's ability to open an Internet address.  When an Internet browser is installed, it typically establishes itself as the program which is called by the shell to open such addresses.  This is true of all common browsers you are likely to encounter.  If you find that your Internet browser is not launched by Boxer, or if some other inactive browser is launched instead, it's because your active browser has not established itself as the one that processes the 'open' request from the operating system shell for Internet addresses.  This situation should be rare, cannot be remedied by Boxer, and is not due to any shortcomings in Boxer.


bm1Boxer also supports opening local files with URLs of the form:  file://c:\website\index.html