Error Chart

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Menu: Tools > Error Chart


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ErrorChart()


The Error Chart command displays a popup list of Windows error codes and their associated messages. When errors are reported by the operating system--or by an application program--they will often reference a numeric error code. These reports frequently have insufficient information about the error which occurred. Boxer's Error Chart can be used by programmers--or by any users--to decode the meaning of Windows error codes.




The Error Chart can be searched by value or by any text which appears within the listing.  Type the search string into the edit box provided and click Find.  The Find button is also used to find the next occurrence of a string which has just been found.


Right-clicking on a selected item summons the Error Chart context menu.  The context menu provides an option to copy the selected message to the current clipboard.


If you prefer that the Error Chart remain atop other windows, select the Stay on top option.  The Error Chart is a non-modal window, which allows it to remain on-screen after focus has been returned to another editing window.


bm1If the Error Chart is left on-screen when Boxer is closed, it will be automatically reopened if the edit session is later restored.