Open Header File

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Menu: File > Open Other > Header File


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+H


Macro function: OpenHeaderFile()


The Open Header File command provides a method to quickly open the header file which is associated with the file being edited.  The most common use of this command will be for programming, but the command's utility could be extended to any file extension pairs which are related in the same way.


Example: while editing in the C++ file  main.cpp,  issuing the Open Header File command will cause main.hpp to be loaded.  Likewise, if main.hpp is being edited, issuing the Open Header File command will cause main.cpp to be loaded. If the associated file is already loaded within the editor, it simply becomes the active window.  Issuing the command repeatedly will allow you to toggle back and forth between the two associated files.


Boxer comes with several header file associations pre-defined for common programming languages.  Additional header file extension pairs can be defined on the Configure | Preferences | File I/O options page.  The option is titled Open Header File extensions.