Open Filename at Cursor

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Menu: File > Open Other > Filename at Cursor


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+L


Macro function: OpenFilenameAtCursor()


Open Filename at Cursor is a timesaving command which allows the filename beneath the text cursor to be loaded for editing.  Simply issue this command while the cursor is atop a filename and the file will be loaded into a new editing window.  If the file does not exist, a new file with that name will be created in the current directory.


If selected text of a suitable size is present, the selected text will be used as the filename to be opened.  If the filename to be opened contains spaces, it must be selected to ensure the full filename, including embedded spaces, will be used.


This command will be disabled when the text cursor is sitting upon a text string which could not be a valid filename, such as a series of spaces.


bm2If the filename at the cursor does not exist in the current working directory, but does exist in the directory of the currently edited file, it will be opened from that directory instead.