Spaces to Tabs

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Menu: Block > Convert Other > Spaces to Tabs


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: SpacesToTabs()


The Spaces to Tabs command can be used to convert the Spaces within a selected area of text into an equivalent number of Tabs.  In doing so, Boxer uses the current display value of a Tab (View | Tab Display Size) to determine how many Tabs should be used.


bm2No attempt is made to determine whether the Spaces being changed reside within a quoted string.  Programmers should be careful when using this command, as changing Spaces within a quoted string may yield undesirable results if the string was to be displayed in a message on-screen.


bm2The Spaces to Tabs and Tabs to Spaces commands are not opposites.  If the Tab Display Size is 4, the sentence:




would be converted by the Tabs to Spaces command to:




Running the Spaces to Tabs command on this sentence would not yield the original sentence.  A sequence of two or more spaces is required before a tab character is considered for placement into the converted text.