Convert Case - Title

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Menu: Block > Convert Case > Title


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: CaseTitle()


This command converts the selected text to conform to the rules of title case (aka proper case).  Grammar experts do not all agree on the precise rules for title case, but most references use these rules:


       1. Always capitalize the first word

       2. Always capitalize the last word

       3. Capitalize all other words, except articles, prepositions and conjunctions which have fewer than five letters


bm2Because the application of title case presumes a knowledge of the language--capitalization depends on parts of speech--this command is limited to operating on English text.


bm2By default, this command will first convert the selected text to lowercase before capitalizing words.  This ensures that the command operates as expected when processing text in all uppercase.  Converting to lowercase may disrupt some all-caps words (such as acronyms) that should have remained in uppercase, so you should review the results for accuracy after applying the conversion.  If you prefer that the selected text not be forced to lowercase prior to operation, you can change this behavior on the Configure | Preferences | Editing dialog page.