Dropping Text Files onto Boxer

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Dragging and Dropping Files refers to the process of selecting one or more file icons, dragging them to a destination program, and releasing the left mouse button.  A single file icon can be selected by clicking on it with the left mouse button.  Additional files can be added to the selection by depressing Ctrl while clicking with the left mouse button.  A range of file icons can be selected by selecting the first icon in the range, and depressing Shift before selecting the last icon in the range.


While Boxer is active, it recognizes the dropping of files onto its window as a request to add the file(s) to the existing editing session.


When Boxer is inactive, dropping one or more files onto its program icon will cause a new edit session to be launched.  If files are dropped onto the program icon while an editing session is underway, these files will be added to the existing session.


When a Project file is dropped onto Boxer, the files named within the Project file will be opened.  See the New Project topic for more details on this capability.