Shaded Tab Zones

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Menu: View > Shaded Tab Zones


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: ShadedTabZones()


The Shaded Tab Zones command toggles on and off a mode in which a different background screen color is used for alternating tab zones:




This display mode is most helpful when Boxer is used to edit files containing character-separated field data, such as comma-separated values (CSV) or fixed-width field records.  The Tab Display Size command would typically be used first to configure the proper tab stop settings for the data file.  The Intelli-Tabs feature on that dialog is especially useful in this regard.  Once the tab stop settings are entered, use this command to enable the shading of tab zones.


bm2The alternate background color used by the Shaded Tab Zones command can be set using the Configure | Colors command.  The tab zone is not depicted in the miniature screen on that dialog, but rather appears in the Screen elements by name listbox.  Its name is Tab Zone Background.