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Menu: Edit > Append


Default Shortcut Key: Shift+Ctrl+C


Macro function: Append()


The Append command copies the selected text from the current file and adds it to the current clipboard.  The current clipboard might be the Windows clipboard or one of Boxer's eight internal clipboards.  See the Edit | Set Clipboard command for details on changing the current clipboard.


If text is not selected, the Append command will operate on the current line.  This behavior can be controlled on the Configure | Preferences | Editing options page.  The option is titled Cut/Copy/Append commands use current line when no text is selected.


When a columnar selection (Block | Select Columnar) is placed on the clipboard, any under-length lines within the selected range will be extended with Spaces to match the width of the rectangular text block.  This ensures that the block will behave as expected if the Paste command is later used to insert the text at a new location.  Likewise, any Tab characters within the selected region will be converted to Spaces before being placed on the clipboard.


Text cannot be appended to a clipboard if the selection type (stream or columnar) differs from the type of the text which is already present on the clipboard.


bm2When placing columnar text onto a clipboard, Boxer must take care so that subsequent Paste operations of that text will be performed properly.  Columnar clipboard text must be pasted differently than stream text, since all lines must move rightward by the width of the text block.  Notwithstanding this fact, columnar clipboard text placed onto the Windows clipboard by Boxer can still be pasted into other Windows applications.  Boxer does not use a private clipboard format for this purpose.


bm2Boxer's clipboard commands will sense the type of text data being placed on the Windows clipboard and, when appropriate, use a more descriptive clipboard format to tag that data.  For example, when Boxer senses that HTML code is being copied to the clipboard, the text will also be placed in the HTML clipboard format.  This allows a conforming program to paste the data more intelligently.  Boxer will also tag Rich Text data (RTF) and Comma-Separated Value (CSV).