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Menu: File > Print > Normal / Color Syntax / Mono Syntax


Default Shortcut Key: Ctrl+P (Print Normal)


Macro functions: Print / PrintColor / PrintMonochrome


The Print command is used to send the current file to the printer.  The layout of the printed page will be determined by the current settings within the Page Setup dialog.  You may wish to use Print Preview to display the print job on-screen before sending it to the printer.


Printing can be performed in any of three modes:



The file is printed without applying syntax highlighting coloration.


Color Syntax

The file is printed with color syntax highlighting applied.  Syntax elements will be displayed in color, and in bold, italic and/or underlined font styles in accordance with the current settings.


Monochrome Syntax

The file is printed with monochrome syntax highlighting applied.  Syntax elements will be displayed in bold, italic and/or underlined font styles in accordance with the current settings.



bm2The Monochrome Syntax and Color Syntax printing modes will be disabled when the file being edited is a file type for which Syntax Highlighting information is not available.


The standard Windows print dialog is presented before printing begins:




From here you can select the range of pages to be printed, and the number of copies to be printed.  If text has been selected, you will be able to choose a radio button which dictates that only the selected text is to be printed.  See the note below regarding printing selections of program source code.


Boxer will automatically convert any Tabs within the text being printed to Spaces.  This ensures that the Tab Display Size used by Boxer does not conflict with that of the printer.


The color/font settings for Monochrome Syntax Print and Color Syntax Print are accessed from the Configure | Colors dialog by selecting the appropriate mode from the drop-down list at the upper left.


bm2When printing selected text from program source code using either Monochrome or Color Syntax Print mode, improper highlighting can occur if the starting or ending points of the selection fall in the middle of a syntax element, or if the starting line of the selection falls within a multi-line comment block.  Likewise, printing a columnar selection is likely to result in improper syntax highlighting.  For best results, choose the selected area logically so that its start and end points occur at natural break points in the code.


bm2Strictly speaking, the use of Color Syntax Printing requires that a color printer be installed and attached.  Some users may wish to use the Print to File option available from the Print dialog to save a print image on disk at one PC for later printing on another PC with a color printer.  For this reason the Print Color Syntax command is not disabled when the PC is found to lack a color printer.  Users will need to be careful when transporting a printer image file in this way, because it may not be compatible with the destination printer.


bm2A formfeed character can be placed in column one--or in the last position on a line--to indicate that a new page should begin at that point.  The footer of the page--if one has been defined--will be printed and the page will eject.  A formfeed in any other column will be ignored by Boxer's print routine.