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Menu: Tools > Calendar


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: Calendar()


The Calendar command provides access to Boxer's popup calendar:




When first summoned, the Calendar displays the current month and year and highlights the current date.  The arrow buttons at the top of the display can be used to move forward or backward, by months or by years.  The button with the curved arrow can be used to return the display to the current month and year.


Clicking  on any date within the display highlights that date. The Insert button can be used to insert a text string describing the highlighted date at the text cursor location.  The Short Format and Long Format options control the format that will be used. The short and long formats used to display the date are in accordance with the regional settings for date display as defined on your computer.  To change these settings, see Start Menu | Settings | Control Panel | Regional Settings | Date.


The Calendar recognizes various characters to speed movement from date to date:


Y = first day of year

R = last  day of year

M = first day of month

H = last  day of month

T = Today


The following keys are also recognized:


Space        = +1 month

-            = -1 day

+            = +1 day

Shift+Left   = -1 month

Shift+Right  = +1 month

Ctrl+Left    = -1 year

Ctrl+Right   = +1 year


The day on which a calendar week starts can be configured on the Configure | Preferences | Other options page.  The option is titled: Calendar week starts on.


If you prefer that the Calendar always remain on top of other windows, the Stay on top option can be used.  The Calendar is a  non-modalwindow, which allows it to remain on-screen after focus has been returned to another editing window.


bm1If the Calendar is left on-screen when Boxer is closed, it will be automatically reopened if the edit session is later restored.