Find Duplicate Lines

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Menu: Search > Find Duplicate Lines


Default Shortcut Key: none


Macro function: FindDuplicateLines()


The Find Duplicate Lines command can be used to locate all lines within the current file which are duplicated elsewhere in the file.  The duplicate lines are copied, with line numbers, into an untitled file.  No change is made to the current file during the operation.


If a range of lines is selected, Find Duplicate Lines will operate only on that portion of the file.


The results are presented in alphabetic order.  The Sort Lines command can be used to sort by line numbers, if desired.


If you need to delete duplicate lines, use the Delete Duplicate Lines command.


bm1This command can be useful for finding duplicate items within a list which is expected to contain only unique entries.  For example: given a list of charitable donor names, Find Duplicate Lines could be used to find those parties who have contributed more than once.