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Menu: Help > Email Boxer Software


Default Shortcut Key: none


This command displays a dialog box with email addresses which can be used to contact us at Boxer Software.  Just click on the email address that fits your need, and your email client will be run so that a message can be sent.






bm2In order to launch your email program, Boxer relies upon the operating system shell's ability to process a 'mailto' directive.  When an email client program is installed, it typically establishes itself as the program which is called by the shell to process the 'mailto' directive.  If you find that your active email program is not launched by Boxer, or if some other inactive email program is launched instead, it's probably because your active email program did not establish itself to be the program that processes mailto commands.  This situation cannot be remedied by Boxer, and is not due to any shortcomings in Boxer.  You might consult the documentation of your email program or contact its vendor.