Ugly Email Messages: Beware the Text Monkey

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Text Monkey PRO is a fast, versatile utility that extends every Windows program you use. Text Monkey has dozens of useful text processing functions that were designed to save you time and effort on all types of editing tasks. Because Text Monkey operates on text while it resides on the Windows clipboard, it extends the functionality of every program you use.

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Example - Cleanup Overquoted Emails: You've just received an important email, but it's been forwarded and quoted so many times it's almost impossible to read. With Text Monkey, cleanup is a snap: just copy the message to the clipboard and paste back the cleaned text. How could it be so simple? Text Monkey senses when messy, overquoted email text has been copied to the clipboard and cleans the text automatically, or upon your confirmation.

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Example - Convert Text to HTML: You have several paragraphs of text--or an entire document--that you need to publish as a web page on short notice. Simply copy the text to the clipboard, click a button in Text Monkey, and you'll find that all the appropriate tags have been added to make a legal HTML document. (Text Monkey also handles the opposite case: it can remove HTML tags from a web document so that only the readable text remains.)

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Example - Extend Your Existing Programs: You're editing a list of items in the memo field of a large application. You realize that you'd like to number the list (or sort it, or delete duplicates, or indent it, or convert its character case, or …). Just copy the text to clipboard, click a button in Text Monkey, and paste back the result.

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Those are just three examples of how Text Monkey might help speed your work. With more than 40 other handy conversions, there are sure to be other ways Text Monkey will reduce the time you spend on various projects. Paul Myers reports that Text Monkey saved him hundreds of hours of work!

As the old saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull monkey.” So just for fun, Text Monkey can convert ordinary text to “Teen Text”. youll b able 2 chat w/ your kidz. áNÐ ÐÓn'T éVËn gè† me $tÁrTÉd aþoÜt THe "CrAzY TeXt" fÈÁ†urÉ!

Text Monkey PRO has dozens of other features; too many to name here. And at just $29.99, Text Monkey could pay for itself in just the first few days of use. Click below to order your copy now:

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We also have a freeware version called Text Monkey Lite. This version has fewer features than Text Monkey PRO, but it's completely free to use for as long as you like:

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