Text Monkey PRO is a fast, versatile utility that extends every Windows program you use. Text Monkey PRO has dozens of useful text processing functions that will save you time and effort on all types of tasks. Because Text Monkey operates on text while it resides on the Windows clipboard, it extends the functionality of every program you use.

The list that follows is a comprehensive list of Text Monkey PRO's features and functions:

Email Cleanup
  • Sense when quoted email text is copied to the clipboard and clean automatically, or upon confirmation †
  • Sense and remove email quoting symbols, including those with prefix strings such as "Joe>" †
  • Set email quoting symbols
  • Delete extra spaces and blank lines †
  • Sense and preserve formatting of lines that appear not to be flowing text †
  • Convert line breaks to space † -or-
  • Reformat line breaks to user-defined paragraph width
Web Document Cleanup
  • Delete HTML tags
  • Decode named and numbered HTML character constants, such as """ or """
  • Delete extra blank lines (ie, reduce two or more blank lines to one blank line)
  • Delete leading spaces and tabs
  • Convert line breaks to spaces
Space Operations
  • Delete leading spaces and tabs
  • Delete trailing spaces and tabs
  • Reduce space runs to one space
  • Apply one space after sentence enders
  • Apply two spaces after sentence enders
Line Operations
  • Delete extra blank lines (ie, reduce two or more blank lines to one blank line)
  • Delete all blank lines
  • Delete duplicate lines
  • Delete lines that contain user-specified text
  • Delete lines that do not contain user-specified text
Indent Operations
  • Indent all lines with one space †
  • Indent all lines with one tab
  • Indent all lines with user-specified text
  • Unindent all lines by one character †
  • Unindent all (remove all leading spaces and tabs)
Case Operations
  • Convert to uppercase †
  • Convert to lowercase †
  • Capitalize each word
  • Capitalize each sentence
  • Swap case of each character
HTML Operations
  • Delete HTML tags
  • Decode named characters such as """
  • Decode numbered characters such as """
  • Convert text to HTML document
    • Apply all relevant tags to make a legal HTML document
    • Option to retain line breaks, or convert line breaks to spaces
    • Encode sensitive characters to HTML character constants
  • Encode text to &#nnn; sequences (can be useful to obfuscate email addresses that are to be posted on a website and reduce spam harvesting)
Sort Operations
  • Sort lines alphabetically, numerically or according to line length
  • Designate the column on which sort comparison should occur
  • Case sensitive or insensitive
  • Ascending, descending or random order
  • Sort according to ANSI value or Locale sort table (for proper handling of accented characters)
Auto-Number Operations
  • Set starting number
  • Set numbering increment
  • Set trailing symbol, if any
  • Set trailing spaces, if any
  • Set leading zero, if any
  • Number using digits, or roman numerals
  • Left justified or right justified
  • Tabs to spaces
  • Spaces to tabs
  • Set tab display value
  • OEM to ANSI
  • ANSI to OEM
Strip Operations
  • Strip low ASCII characters
  • Strip high ASCII characters
  • Strip OEM graphics (line drawing) characters
  • Convert OEM graphics (line drawing) characters to +, - and |
  • Strip user-specified characters
Replace Operations
  • Designate up to four search and replace string pairs
  • Case sensitive or insensitive
Miscellaneous Operations
  • Compute total, average, median, mode and standard deviation
  • Count characters, words and lines
  • Count occurrences of a user-specified text string
  • Convert text to hex dump format (useful to examining character values)
  • Convert normal text to "Teen Text," as is common in chat environments
  • Convert normal text to "Crazy Text," using alternative but readable substitutes for most characters
Clipboard Viewer / Editor
  • Examine clipboard content in a resizeable editor window †
  • Set clipboard viewer display font
  • Undo allows previous clipboard content to be restored †
  • View in browser makes it easy to preview clipboard content in a web browser
  • Save clipboard text to a file
  • Visual wrap options allows long lines to wrap to window width †

† These features are also found in Text Monkey Lite, a free, feature-reduced version of Text Monkey.