Text Monkey PRO - User Testimonial

Within one week of Text Monkey PRO's initial release, we received this letter of thanks from Paul Myers, Editor of TalkBiz News:

I've published an email newsletter for small business for 7 years now. The archives are over 750,000 words — 2500 pages — of plain text.

I've meant for years to get them converted to HTML and posted on my site. The idea of either spending the time to get those properly sorted and converted was just plain scary. And there's no-one I know who I'd trust to make the right decision about which to use and which to leave alone.

With Text Monkey PRO and my text editor, the real time factor is reduced to deciding which to use. After that, it'll be a whopping three minutes (or less) each to convert them to proper web format.

For under $30, you probably just saved me a couple hundred hours of work. And since the job will be so much faster, it'll actually get done.

Thank you.

Paul Myers
Editor, TalkBiz News